stacey donatoA bill co-authored by State Sen. Stacey Donato (R-Logansport) that would allow personal service agencies (PSAs) to train their employees to use patient lift equipment recently passed the Indiana House of Representatives unanimously.

Under current law, PSA employees, who provide housekeeping, companionship, transportation and other services at clients’ homes, are not allowed to operate clients’ lift equipment.

Senate Bill 242 would allow PSAs to train their employees on the use of lift operations based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Employees would be trained at the location where the services would be performed. In addition, SB 242 would require PSAs that provide patient lift services to have liability insurance.

“In situations where a PSA employee’s client requires a lift to be moved, the employee must either wait for a certified individual to arrive to the client’s home to move them or face the risk of physically lifting the client themselves,” Donato said. “Unfortunately, this barrier can lead to clients with mobility issues leaving their homes for assisted living facilities prematurely. SB 242 would help alleviate this burden on both the employees and the clients, and I look forward to seeing this legislation through to the finish line.”

SB 242 will now return to the Senate for further review