SidewalkLast week city department heads updated the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety on a variety of projects.

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson asked for approval of substantial completion on a portion of the digestor renovation project.  The superintendent said it was rather unusual to have substantial completion on a portion of the complete project.  He continued, “A great deal of the work was completed on the digestor itself; the demolition, sand-blasting and painting and we have been using the digestor since December 18th.  Kokosing would like to have substantial completion on that portion of it.  Basically, what that does is start the clock ticking on the warranty portion of it.”  Davidson recommended approving the substantial completion and the Board of Works unanimously approved.

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt presented details on a sidewalk request at 636 East LaPorte Street.  He said MACOG helped update the ADA Transition Plan this summer and the address request is in the middle of the plan.  Marquardt said, “There are a lot of other sidewalks around the Junior High that are higher on the list.  This walk is tilted.  It has a few spots that are raised up an inch or two because of tree roots.”  He said if the city did this sidewalk they would take down three elm trees and the homeowner would have to move a chain-link-fence off the city right-of-way next to the sidewalk so a 5-foot walk could be installed.

Marquardt suggested doing a Community Crossing Grant project on East LaPorte Street including the sidewalks since it’s by the Junior High School.

Marquardt wasn’t sure how to proceed and asked Board of Public Works and Safety members to look at the request.  A decision was tabled until the next city meeting on March 22nd.