Todd Rokita Attorney General logo onlyAs a federal court trial unfolds this week in a high-profile case involving abortion, Attorney General Todd Rokita said his administration remains committed to protecting the sanctity of life at every opportunity.

“Nothing is more foundational to ordered liberty in America than the right to life,” Attorney General Rokita said. “As innocent human beings, unborn children must be treated with the dignity they rightly deserve while we simultaneously safeguard the health and well-being of expectant mothers.”

In this week’s trial, the Office of the Attorney General is representing the state in Whole Woman’s Health v. Rokita, in which an abortion provider is challenging the constitutionality of virtually all aspects of Indiana law regulating abortion. Key provisions under particular focus in this week’s trial include requirements that women receive in-person counseling, an ultrasound, and a physician-provided physical exam before their abortions — along with the state’s prohibition on abortion through telemedicine.

Attorney General Rokita has also filed multistate legal actions this month as part of his commitment to protecting the unborn under the rule of law.

In an amicus brief filed in a federal appeals court, Attorney General Rokita defends the actions of an organization that filmed undercover video of Planned Parenthood representatives discussing how they could manipulate abortion procedures to get more fetal tissue.

And in a motion being filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, Attorney General Rokita intervened to defend current Title X rules, which prevent organizations that provide referrals for abortion from receiving Title X funding.

“Taking a stand for life means facing down opponents who, in the name of ‘choice,’ are relentless in their efforts to eviscerate the rights of the unborn,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Our determination to prevail for the cause of truth must surpass the resolve of the abortion industry to perpetuate a culture of death.”