6 state trooper projectThe Indiana State Police will be joining forces this week with Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia State Police agencies, for what is known as the Six-State Trooper Project. During this collective effort, troopers across Indiana will be taking to the highways March 11th-13th with a primary focus on criminal interdiction through high volume traffic enforcement.

During this period, motorists can expect to see an increased presence of our troopers on the roadsides conducting traffic stops. Drivers are encouraged to not drive distracted, and to be increasingly aware of the need to move over or slow down as required by state law, and to give troopers the room to work safely.

Why target traffic violations to catch criminals? Troopers understand that the criminal element by and large operates in a mobile environment. Criminals regularly must navigate our roadways while moving from point A to point B. By conducting large scale coordinated road patrols such as the Six-State Trooper Project, we effectively create a bigger net for law enforcement to work. We achieve safer roadways through increased traffic enforcement, with an overall commitment to creating safer communities by getting criminals off the streets.

Help the Indiana State Police make a difference in your community! Motorists that observe high-risk driving behavior, suspect impaired driving, or suspect criminal activity on our roadways, are always encouraged to call 911 or the Indiana State Police Region 6 Dispatch Center directly at 574-206-2931.