animal reserve deerA proposed game reserve at 16642 2B Road in Walkerton was denied by the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday evening.

Last month, Dan Falk appeared before the board seeking a Variance of Use to allow a game reserve on the 138 acres.  When asked by the board what type of animals will be used for the hunt, he said white tail deer, sheep, goats, and waterfowl.  When asked what kinds of guns and weapons would be used, he said anything that is legal in the State of Indiana.  When asked about how many hunters would be hunting on the reserve, he said it could be 80 or more.

Many neighbors to the property attended last months meeting to voice their concerns, primarily for safety, noise, traffic and property values.

The BZA tabled the request because Falk didn’t have enough details such as a site plan or business plan.  He was to appear at the March meeting with additional information and details on the wild animal game hunts.

Tuesday night three men from Nappanee, apparently hunting guides for Carman Farms, the name listed on the deed appeared before the County BZA with no additional details or site plans.

During the public hearing six neighboring property owners spoke and two letters were read in opposition to the Variance of Use for the game reserve.  Their concerns were again, safety for themselves, their family members and their animals.  They also felt the game reserve would restrict the ability to enjoy their own properties by taking walks in the woods, having campfires and the peace and quiet of the rural community.

Local Attorney Jim Easterday referred the board to their own ordinance which states an application for variance shall have a site plan and a letter of intent describing the details for operating a business.  He said since they have not provided this information the request should be denied.

For the denial Easterday said the game reserve will be injurious to the public’s health, safety, morals and general welfare of the community.  He also said the of the use and value of the adjacent neighboring property owners will be affected in an adverse manor.  The attorney also said the strict application will not create a practical difficulty in the use of the property for Mr. Falk since it is already agricultural land.

The applicant’s representatives that attended the meeting really had no new information.  After nearly an hour on the request the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously voted to deny the request.