Town of Bourbon NewsThe Bourbon Town Council met on Tuesday, March 9 for a regular monthly meeting.

The council unanimously approved the purchase of a new police vehicle to replace one that was totaled in an accident. The new police car will be $37,717 from Oliver Ford. The insurance amount received for the totaled vehicle was $17,000.

The council also approved the sale of the Police Department’s Hummer and trailer by sealed bids. The reserve amount for the sale was set at $10,000. The vehicle is no longer needed as the newer vehicles have four-wheel drive that was not necessarily available when the Hummer was purchased. Bids will be taken until the 2:00 P.M. the Friday, April 9th.

After a lengthy discussion, the bid for summer mowing was awarded to Hoffer Lawn Service. Although the offer was not the lowest bidder, they were the only bidder of three to include a Certificate of Insurance as listed in the bid advertisement. Their bid was for $15,500. The agreement calls for mowing at the town’s parks, ball diamonds, and the Matchett Center.

The council approved waiving fees at the Matchett Center for Triton Elementary sixth grade class for May 20 for setup and May 21 for students to learn about business as well as have other elementary classes visit their individual displays. In previous years, the event was held in the Old the gymnasium that was demolished in 2020.

Bourbon Street Department Superintendent, Roger Terry, said they will be doing a spring cleanup of leaves from March 30-April 13.

Town Attorney Alex Hoover reported that there is a signed contract in place for the improvements of three properties belonging to Karen Holm. According to the contract, the property at 606 N. Washington St. must be brought to in the current zoning regulations within six months. If the first part of that agreement is met, Holm would then have six months to bring the property at 305 N. Thayer into compliance and then an additional six months to make the improvements to 206 N. Washington.

Carol Anders Correspondent