City Attorney Sean Surrisi told Plymouth City Council members the city was awarded a FEMA Hazardous Mitigation Grant during Monday evenings city meetings.

Council members reviewed the subrecipient grant agreement during the meeting and determined it was appropriate to move forward with the opportunity.

Surrisi told the council the grant had been applied for in the summer of 2019 to acquire additional structures located in the flood plains around the city.  The reimbursable grant in the amount of $346,600 could purchase four properties and pay for the demolition cost.  The City of Plymouth will be responsible for a 25% match which will be $86,650.

The City Attorney said property owners volunteered for the program, although they are not legally bound to move forward with the program if they are not agreeable with the appraisals.  Surissi said the appraisals are completed as if the property is not in a flood plain.

219 Garro StreetThe properties included in the grant application were 219 East Garro Street,

222 Shalley Drive222 Shalley Drive,

300 East Jefferson300 East Jefferson Street and

402 S Plum Street402 South Plum Street.

While the council members voted 6 to accept the agreement with councilman Jeff Houin abstaining from the vote.  Clerk/Treasurer Jeanine Xaver said no funds were budgeted this year for the city’s match.  The Council will have to determine how they will fund the required local match.