REES Marquee Digital openingMarshall County Crossroads Team will be unveiling the Marshall County Crossroads digital display board at the REES in downtown Plymouth this Saturday, March 13th at 7:30 PM.

Join the Marshall County Crossroads team, members of The REES development team, community leaders, and citizens from across the county as the first of six digital display boards will be unveiled. The display boards were included in the Stellar Communities Regional Plan.

The partnership for this display board is particularly unique as it came together by the OCRA COVID-19 relief grant, Marshall County Tourism support, gap funding families, and The REES.

Marshall County Crossroads Marshall is a collaboration of leaders from across the region that engages with and inspires our communities to connect, collaborate, and create high-quality hometowns. This will be done by creating healthy, livable, thriving, and sustainable communities that provide current and future residents of all ages, races, and genders the best hometowns in the Midwest to live, work and play.

Launched in 2011, the Stellar Communities program is a multi-agency partnership designed to recognize smaller communities and now regions that identify comprehensive and collaborative plans for community and economic development. Through annual designation, the program provides resources for transformative quality of place community improvements by: • Utilizing previous planning efforts • Leveraging existing assets • Fostering regional investments • Stimulating continued growth for long-term relevance Stellar Communities was recognized nationally as a premier community development program when it received the 2012 President’s Award for Innovation from the Council of State Community Development Agencies. To date, more than 79 communities have participated in the process; 30 have completed Strategic Investment Plans/Regional Development Plans, and 16 have received the Stellar Communities Designation.