Dollar General East Jefferson 3-2-21_1Action by the Plymouth Plan Commission for the proposed, new Dollar General Store on the east side of town was tabled Tuesday evening at the request of the petitioner, Zaremba Land Development.   Although the developer requested to table the request the Plan Commission conducted a lengthy discussion on the proposal.

The Plan Commission was asked to consider a request to create a second lot at the northwest corner of the shopping center on Kingston Road, in the same shopping center where Dollar General is currently located.

Dollar General East Jefferson 3-2-21_2During the Technical Review Committee, help prior to the Plan Commission meeting with city department heads, two issues were discussed, the drainage and the proposed north entrance off Kingston Road into the new store.

Drainage has been an issue for many years in the shopping center.  The city requires an appropriate drainage plan which the developer is still working on.  The developer plans to evaluate the pump station and clean out and televise the existing lines to be sure their drainage plan will work using the existing stormwater lines.  All storm water will leave the property underground.

Dollar General East JEfferson 3-2-21_3The second issue is the north entrance off Kingston is too close to the intersection according to the city’s subdivision regulations.  The entrance must be at least 70 feet from the intersection.  Part of the concern is the number of school busses using Kingston Road.

The developer is working with the property owner, Bill Spatz and Plymouth Associates Limited Partnership to see if the entrance off Jefferson Street that is currently there for the shopping center could be used to enter the new store.

The Plymouth Plan Commission tabled the request and will take it up again at the April meeting on the 6th.

Dollar General East Jefferson 3-2-21_4Note: Last month the Board of Zoning Appeals approved several variances for the new Dollar general including a reduction of the front yard setback from 30 feet to 10 feet, allow parking in the front yard setback, a reduction in the number of parking spaces and allowing areas adjacent to the parking lot to count towards the interior landscaping standards.

Plan Commission members did have discussions of how much of an eyesore the property has become and the parking lot being northing but a bunch of potholes.  It was noted that the building is not unsafe so the city has no real recourse.