Niles Scream Park logoThe Niles Scream Park, one of Michiana’s most popular autumn destinations, is currently seeking to recruit new community non-profit groups to assist with putting the “Care in Scare!”

The Niles Scream Park is a non-profit community project that uses approximately 150 to 200 volunteers per night to staff its various attractions. These volunteers represent over 65 Michiana area community and school organizations such as Boy Scout groups, church youth groups and booster groups for colleges and high schools. Since 1996, more than $2,000,000.00 have been donated to local and national non-profit organizations, as well as the Niles Scream Park funded college scholarships for students at Niles, Cassopolis, Brandywine, Dowagiac and Edwardsburg High Schools. The Niles Scream Park has often been called the “Mini United Way” as it continues to channel funds to assist other non-profit groups in the community.

If a non-profit organization in the community is seeking to raise money for their group, this is the place for you! Guaranteed earnings, unforgettable fun and the best part, there are no startup costs!

Anyone can volunteer from within your organization! The Park will find a spot that works best for you. There are various personnel needs including parking lot attendants, metal detectors, survey takers, etc. The Park’s greatest need is for volunteers to whom they provide a costume and face paint, then hide them in the dark to scare the yell out of paying customers! Who ever said fundraising could not be fun?

For more information, please email