Ice Skating rink under pavilionThe Plymouth Park Board met Monday evening at 5 p.m. at the Conservation Club House.

Park Superintendent Mike Hite told members they have made some changes to the layout for phase II of River Park Square.

The picnic pavilion originally in the plan was moves slightly to the east and the size was increase to a 60 x 100 shelter.  Hite said plans are to put the synthetic ice rink under the pavilion in the winter months.  He said having the ice rink in the grassy circle at the performance stage was not conducive due to the fact the rink must be on a level, smooth surface.  They were going to have to put down a subsurface floor before the ice rink could have been set up and there was fear of damaging the grass in the circle.

With the ice rink under the large pavilion, when it snows not so much snow will get on the rink.  Park employees will have to remove the snow every time it snows before skaters can skate.   The pavilion will help protect the structure from the falling snow but there will still be a need to keep it clear.

Phase II of the River Park Square project also includes a natural playground, a permanent cornhole, sensory garden and Veterans Memorial Plaza.  The project also includes additional sidewalks and angle parking on Garro Street.

RPS new pavilion_1


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