Scam Alert_2Marshall County Central Dispatch has received reports that residents are getting phone calls claiming to be the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office. The caller ID will show “Marshall County Sheriff” and the callers are stating that the Sheriff’s Department has a warrant for them.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office will NEVER call you and tell you that you have a warrant.   They do not release warrant information to the public or call to tell that they have a warrant for their arrest.  The Sheriff’s Office will also never take money over the phone or ask you to pay a warrant over the phone.

If any of these things happen, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department says, “it is a SCAM”.  They warn, do not give anyone you don’t know your name or any other private information. Information such as birthdate, social security number or banking information should never be given out over the phone: even if you think you know who you are talking to.