ClocktowerMonday morning the Marshall County Commissioners open bids for the Courthouse clock tower renovation project.

There were five bidders for the project and County Attorney Jim Clevenger opened the bids.  He noted that there are along with the base bid six alternates.

Advanced Restoration Contractors from Indianapolis and their base bid was $915,000. Alternate #1 is remove existing storm windows and replace with new storm windows is an additional $29,000. Alternate # 2 is paint architectural elements at building cornus, soffit and facia for an additional $40,000.  Alternate #3 is to remove and install new joint sealants around the windows and doors for an additional $20,000.  Alternate #4 is remove existing sealant and install new joints at the column base for all of the columns an additional $8,000.  Alternate #5 is repair existing limestone with masonry cleaning for an additional $9,500 and alternate #6 is replacement of existing interior thermal windows for $8,000.  They proposed a completion time of between March 15, 2021 and October 15, 2021.

Bidder number two was from Berglund Beyond Building from Chicago. Their base bid was $1,350,000. Alternate #1 is an additional $35,000; alternate #2 is an additional $60,000; alternate #3 is an additional $24,000; Alternate #4 is an additional $2,500; alternate #5 is $165,000 and alternate #6 is an additional $25,000.  The county attorney could not find a completion date.

The third bidder for the clocktower restoration project was Midwest Maintenance Inc. from Piqua, OH.  Their base bid was $1,266,435.  For alternate #1 they added $27,600; for alternate #2 was an addition of $35,000; alternate #3 added $18,500; the fourth alternate adds $1,700; alternate #5 is an additional $112,700 and alternate see is an additional 435,000.  Their completion time is within 180 days after notice to proceed.

Fourth bidder on the clocktower was from Slatile Roofing and Sheet Metal from South Bend.  Their base bid was $1,390,000.  Their addons for the alternates were $11,200 for alternate #1; $48,000 for alternate #2; $33,900 for alternate #3; $4,250 for the 4th alternate; $145,000 for alternate # 5 and the final alternate additional was $84,147.  Slatile Roofing will complete the project within 300 calendar days of the notice to proceed.

The file bid packet opened during Monday’s commissioner meeting was from Ziolkowski Construction of South Bend.  The County Attorney said they withdrew their bid due to a mathematical error.

The four bids were taken under advisement for review by Roland Design to be sure they met all the requirements.  The commissioners are expected to select a company at their March 15th meeting.