Subway_closedWithin 12 hours of Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter’s Facebook post of the city acquiring the old Subway Sandwich Shop at the corner of Michigan and Jefferson Streets, James Stone from Stone Excavating called Randy Danielson and offered to tear the eyesore down at no cost.

James is the third generation of Stone Excavating and not only did he offer to tear down the structure he also said he would complete the preliminary clean-up of the sight.

Danielson asked Stone if he thought Alligator Aggregate would partner with them in reclaiming the concrete and any other materials on the site since they had recycled all the concrete from the floor in the Rees.

Within the hour, Bob and Valarie Schafer, owners of Alligator Aggregate were on board.  They have operated here in Plymouth since 2004.

By the end of the day, City Attorney Sean Surrisi and Mayor Mark had requested utilities be abandoned to the site.

Care will be taken to protect the riverbank and river from any silt sliding down the bank into the river during the removal process.

Danielson said, “It’s nice to see the community step-up in positive support of the City’s effort to create an impactful image to those visiting Plymouth or considering a move here.  First impressions are sometimes all a community gets and we need to do better.”

Danielson went on to say, “All of this at no cost to the City or use of taxpayer funds.  It amazes me the people on FB who openly show how uninformed they are about their community.”  He noted that the fuel tanks on the property were removed many many years ago and a monitoring well on the site is now closed.

Danielson closed his statement saying, “We have many partners to lead this project forward and assure its proper care.”