While Marshall County may have turned into a “blue” county on the Indiana State Department of Health’s COVID-19 map on Wednesday, we are required to maintain the yellow advisory level for two weeks.  At that time, if we have remained blue for two consecutive weeks our advisory level will be blue too.

While the mask mandate in Marshall County is no longer in place, you are required to wear a mask in accordance Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order.

Dean Schmidlapp, Environmental Health Specialist from the Marshall County Health Department confirmed that every individual within the state of Indians SHALL wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when: inside a business, a public building or other indoor place open to the public.  The Governor’s Executive Order states that every individual within the State of Indiana SHALL engage in social distancing with all other individuals, unless they are members of a single household.

When asking specifically about restaurants Schmidlapp said capacity limits are no longer based on percentage of overall occupancy, the SEATING MUST BE ARRANGED AND MAINTAINED so that individuals, households, or parties are spaced at least six (6) feet apart from any other individual, household or party.