City newsMonday evening members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety passed a resolution to write-off delinquent and uncollectable water, wastewater, garbage and stormwater bills.

City Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver said there are seven properties that owe back bills.  One of the owners is deceased with no estate and the home is being sold at Sheriff’s Sale, liens have been filed on two of the properties, two of the properties were sold before liens could be filed, one property has a bill in the amount of $901.82 and the city attorney is handling it through the court process and the remainder have been turned over to the city’s collection agency.

Xaver noted the city’s collection rate for utility bill for 2019 was 99.97%.

According to state code, each year by March 1st the Clerk must prepare a list check outstanding and unpaid for two or more years as of December 31st.   These checks will be declared cancelled and the funds are returned to the operating balance from the account they were drawn from.  A copy of the list is kept in the clerk’s office.

While this requires no action from the City Council the clerk did tell them that checks totaling $1,871.69 from 2018 were written off.  She noted that three checks were written to city employees and she cancelled them and rewrote new check to the city employees.