The Indiana Department of Transportation announced Monday that $100.8 million in federal transportation funding is being awarded to 54 cities, towns, and counties in rural portions of Indiana to invest in local road and bridge improvements as well as sidewalk and trail projects. Combined with local funds, approximately $124.9 million is being invested in infrastructure in communities receiving funds.

Types of projects receiving funds include 32 bridge rehabilitation/replacement projects; 11 resurfacing/reconstruction projects; 6 Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) projects that include work such as sidewalks, ADA ramps, and trails; and 5 traffic safety projects.

Starke County was awarded $440,000 for a bridge replacement project on County Road 700S over Bogus Run.

Marshall County, jointly with the City of Plymouth applied for the Veterans Parkway Extension westerly to Pioneer Drive.   The estimated total cost is over $14 million with federal funds paying 80% and the city and county paying the 20%.  The city would pay 1/3 of the project or over $900,000 and county’s share would be 2/3rds or $1.95 million.  Both governmental units were hoping proposing a joint venture would put the project on top of the list but the project was not funded.

A list of all communities receiving funds is online at

INDOT dedicates approximately 25 percent of its federal highway funds to supporting local projects each year. Communities must pay at least 20 percent in local matching funds and meet other federal requirements to receive federal funding.