Yellow River Bank ErosionThe Kankakee River Basin and Yellow River Basin Development Commission soon intends to present to the Marshall County Drainage Board its plans to reconstruct severely eroding Yellow Riverbanks.  Since portions of the work is intended to take place on the Commissioner’s easement on citizens property, Scott Pelath, Executive Director of the Basin Commission is inviting residents to the plan presentation to solicit their input on what they believe is an exciting project.

The meeting will be conducted on Monday, February 22nd at 9:30 a.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

Indiana granted the Commission the ability to implement drainage, flood control and erosion reduction activities within the channels of the Kankakee River and the Yellow River.  These responsibilities include the channels themselves and the area within seventy-five feet of the top of each riverbank.

Yellow River Bank Erosion_1Pelath said, “We view property owners along the Yellow River as key stakeholders in these efforts.  The Commission appreciates opportunities to share our plans, as we believe they will stabilize and improve the banks adjacent to your property.  The work also will serve the greatest purpose of reducing the transportation of sediment downstream and improving the overall flow of water through the drainage basin.”

Those impacted from the project that are unable to attend the meeting on Monday morning can call Pelath at 219-861-7999 to discuss the project.