ALICE FamiliesUnited Way of Marshall County is joining United Ways across Indiana to conduct a survey to help better identify local needs and provide community resources to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a short survey that residents can fill-out by the March 5th deadline.  Linda Yoder, Executive Director of United Way of Marshall County said, “The more survey results we receive, the better we may respond to build back a robust recovery in Marshall County.”  The information provided will help identify trends and local needs and enable United Way to work with community partners to provide resources and support in this difficult time. The survey will ask information about you, your household, and what you are doing to get by.  Completing the survey should take about 10 minutes and the responses are confidential, meaning that no one will be able to associate your name with your responses.

The survey prioritizes ALICE households: ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE is a way of defining and understanding the struggles of households that earn above the Federal Poverty Level, but not enough to afford a bare-bones household budget.

Yoder said, “For far too many families, the cost of living outpaces what they earn. These households struggle to manage even their most basic needs – housing, food, transportation, childcare, health care, and necessary technology.  COVID-19 has impacted ALICE households hard and this survey will help us better gauge needs moving forward in Marshall County.”

All families are encouraged to fill out the survey at