Courthouse_winter_2Doug Masterson, Head of the County’s Building and Grounds Department presented the Commissioners with an additional quote from Dynamic Mechanical Services to take care of the heating and cooling issues for the fourth court.

During their first meeting in February Masterson presented a quote of $31,336 to replace a 1988 air handler on the roof of the courthouse annex.  With COVID he said having a good working air exchanger is important.  It pumps fresh air into the courthouse and pumps out the stale air.

At that same meeting Masterson presented a second quote to install an additional 2-ton heat pump and duct work to serve the hallway for the new fourth court in the older portion of the Courthouse.  The quote from Dynamic Mechanical Service was $18,811.

During Monday’s meeting Masterson was back in before the commissioners with an additional quote from Dynamic Mechanical Services.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer informed Masterson at the last meeting that a wall is going to be installed in the hallway between the courtroom and the offices.  With that installation the HVAC contractor said an additional unit would be needed to provide heat and air on the other side of the wall.

Masterson presented an additional quote of $15,730 for a second unit.  Part of the cost is going through the 18-inch wall on both sides of the partition.

The commissioners accepted the quote and said it would be paid from the $300,000 set-aside in the Rainy-Day Fund for the fourth court.