us-30-coalition-map_plymouthAfter the recent announcement that the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will begin a study to improve the US 30 corridor from Valparaiso to the Ohio state line, the US 30 Coalition would like to thank Governor Holcomb, INDOT Commissioner McGuinness, and the northern Indiana legislative delegation for their diligent work to make this study a reality.

“On behalf of the locally elected officials and representatives that make up the US 30 Coalition, we applaud the decision to initiate a designed solution to improve this critical roadway through our communities,” said Mayor Joe Thallemer, President of the US 30 Coalition.

The Coalition has long advocated that a freeway is the best and only option for improving US 30 because of the considerable safety and economic disadvantages associated with the current structure of US 30.

In this study, known as a Planning and Environment Linkages study, INDOT will examine various options to improve the safety, traffic flow, freight movement and economic development potential of the corridor, including the construction of a freeway. INDOT has agreed that the study will recognize the importance of US 30 remaining a consistent type of roadway and not a mixture of improvements and it will not be designed to merely examine the quickest or least expensive solution.

“We look forward to studying the long-term needs for U.S. 30 and engaging with businesses, local leaders, and communities along the corridor as we consider all options for the future,” INDOT Commissioner Joe McGuinness said. “The Planning and Environmental Linkage study will take a fresh look at the route and consider community, economic and environmental goals as we evaluate how to best improve safety and mobility on U.S. 30.”

With the onset of the study, INDOT agreed to institute a moratorium on j-turns on the US 30 corridor except for the one currently under contract at CR500E in Whitley County. Any projects that are currently underway on US 30 will not detract from the ultimate purpose of the study.

The Coalition would like to thank the northern Indiana business community, who made it abundantly clear to Governor Holcomb and his staff that business retention and expansion is at risk without improving US 30 to a freeway. Our business and government leaders have consistently said that the increasing traffic numbers and corresponding accident rates on our main commercial thoroughfare are untenable for our region’s future.

The Coalition will work with INDOT through the study process, making sure that our communities’ interests are well represented.
Rep. David Heine said, “The commitment from our Governor and INDOT Commissioner did not happen by accident. This got done because of the collaboration between our business leaders, our US 30 coalition and our State Representatives and Senators along the corridor. This commitment is great news for economic development in northern Indiana!”

The U.S. 30 Coalition is an advocacy group charged with upgrading U.S. 30 to a freeway, from Valparaiso to the Ohio line. We want to ensure that U.S. 30 works for our citizens, businesses, farmers and all other community members, all while providing safe travel for our drivers.