The Marshall County Commissioners were again asked to consider the implementation of a mailbox resolution, ordinance, or policy by County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters during their meeting Monday.

In 2018 Peters proposed a policy regarding mailboxes being damaged during snow plowing season.  While the highway department has never had a formal policy, Peters said there has been an unwritten policy to replace mailboxes that were hit by a snowplow but not those that were struck by the flying snow.

During Monday’s commissioner meeting Peters said the highway department’s sign-man investigates a complaint to determine if the mailbox has been hit by the plow or from snow flying off the plow.  If the plow strikes the mailbox an employee from the county comes out and replaces the box and will move it further back off the roadway.  If it is determined that snow flying from the plow hits the mailbox it is not replaced.

In 2018 former County Commissioners Kurt Garner and Mike Delp agreed with a written policy but recommended a stipend payment of $50 instead of replacement of the mailbox. Commissioner Kevin Overmyer was also in favor of a written policy but was concerned with the additional number of claims that would need to be processed.  The request was tabled and no action taken.

Peters estimates 30 to 50 mailboxes are affected each year.

Employees from the County Highway Department are also having issues with trash toters that are set at the very edge of the road or very close to the roadway.  Peters said the plows typically extend 3-feet further out from the wheels of the plow truck.  If the snow coming from the plow pushes the trash receptacle over it is the property owner’s responsibility to pick-up the trash.  They would also be responsible if it is struck by the plow because it is sitting in the county’s right-of-way.

When placing your trash container out for pick-up please keep it back from the roadway.  Most trash trucks have arms that extend out and will pick-up your toter from a distance.  He also suggests once the trash has been picked-up to move the trash container even further back from the road surface.