Weather AlertThe National Weather Service is forecasting approximately 1-2 inches of snow for our area beginning tonight and into Saturday. Arctic air will return Saturday Night into Sunday with wind chills of 5 below to 20 below lasting well into Tuesday morning.

THREATS: (NO ADVISORIES, WATCHES, OR WARNINGS HAVE BEEN ISSUED FOR MARSHALL COUNTY AT THIS TIME) – Exposure to extreme cold temperatures, such as those that are forecast are dangerous to people, animals, and property. Some hazardous driving conditions are possible in certain areas receiving additional snow.

IMPACTS: Exposure to extremely cold temperatures could lead to hypothermia and frostbite. Extremely cold temperatures can be hard on utilities such as water pipes. Some residents may be using alternate heating sources to keep warm which could lead to an increase in the number of house fires or possible carbon monoxide poisonings.

PREPAREDNESS ACTION: Limit your time outdoors during extreme temperatures. Be sure pets have adequate shelter with dry bedding or bring them inside if possible. Be sure to provide them with plenty of fresh drinking water. Prevent frozen pipes by insulating them with insulation sleeves or wrapping. Allow a little water to drip from a faucet to keep water flowing.