Town of Bourbon NewsThe Bourbon Town Council met on Tuesday, February 9 for a regular monthly meeting. Patrons were allowed to attend in-person by adhering to social distancing and wearing masks. The meeting was also live-streamed on the town’s Facebook page.

Future meetings will now be at 6:00 P.M. instead of the 7:00 P.M time that has been in place for several years. Council President Ward Byers made the motion to change the meeting times saying it will make meetings end sooner in the evenings. The council voted unanimously in favor.

A patron’s request to allow the closure of the town’s streets from Center Street to the nearby alley on Fridays beginning May 15 for the Farmer’s Market was approved. It was noted that barriers will be provided as well as some vehicles to help keep traffic from going through the barriers. The Council went further to support the efforts of the Farmer’s Market by allowing an up-front purchase of benches for seating. The up-front cost will be reimbursed by the county. The Council then agreed to match the $800 for the purchase of additional benches. According to those speaking for the Farmer’s Market, food trucks will likely be added to attract more people to the event that runs through September 15.

The Bourbon Town Council approved seeking for bids for summer mowing for the town’s parks, baseball diamonds, and the Matchette Center. Bourbon Town Clerk/Treasurer Kim Berger said there are some changes to the scope of the mowing needs and it would be best to seek bids. Bids will be accepted until March 9 and will potentially be awarded on March 9 at the council meeting.

Carol Anders Correspondent