stacey donatoIndiana Senator Stacey Donato said Tuesday afternoon, “It has been brought to my attention that in recent weeks some constituents may have had difficulties contacting me.”

The Senator went on to say, “If you would like to send me an email, please send it to To contact me by phone during the legislative session, the best number to reach me at is 800-382-9467, which will direct you to a call center. Given the influx of calls made to the General Assembly during session, contacting the call center ensures your call is received in a timely manner. Outside of session, the best number is 317-232-9400, which will direct you to the desk of the Senate Secretary.’

In the release Donato said, “I am excited to hear from you, and I hope to hear your opinion on issues facing our state. Meanwhile, I am pleased to be working for you this session and am proud to say that this year I have authored and co-authored several bills that address the needs of Hoosiers.”

Senator Donato said, “One of my first bills to pass the full Senate this session is Senate Bill 68, which would allow conservancy district boards to meet electronically. This bill will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.”

Another bill authored by Donato is Senate Bill 242, which would require attendant care services to include the use of lift equipment. The bill would also require a personal service agency that provides lift services to have liability insurance and training for each employee who provides those services. SB 242 has passed the Senate Committee on Health and Provider Services and is waiting for consideration by the full Senate.

Her final bill is to ensure the needs of children who are victims of human or sexual trafficking are met, Senate Bill 339 would require a child in need of legal services to be given a court-appointed attorney. SB 339 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law.


Senator Donato said, “In addition to authoring the bills listed above, I signed on to co-author Senate Bills 202 and 369.”

SB 202 would require health and residential care facilities to allow visitors for a resident who is in a compassionate care situation. SB 202 is waiting for consideration by the full Senate.

SB 369 would permit a governing body of a political subdivision to allow its members to meet by any means of electronic communication. There would be specific procedures for electronic participation, with provisions added if a state or local disaster emergency is declared. SB 369 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Local Government.

Senator Stacey Donato said,  “I strongly encourage constituents across Senate District 18 to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns regarding these bills or anything else I can help you with.”