701 Lake AvenueSeveral months ago, the City of Plymouth went through the process to have an unsafe residential structure at 701 West Lake Avenue demolished when the owner did not respond to requests from the city.

During Monday’s Board of Public Works and Safety, City Attorney Sean Surrisi said he had created a written determination that reasonable effort has been made to notify the owner of the property their cost to have the building demolished.  The owner is listed at Katharine J. Baldwin with a mailing address of 701 West Lake Avenue.

To be reimbursed the demolition cost the city attorney was granted approval to publish the notice in the newspaper and continue attempts to contact the owner by other means.

The total cost to demolish the structure was $12,870 and Langfeldt Excavating was the company hired by the city to complete the task.  There is an additional cost of $80 for mailing and publication of public notice so Ms. Baldwin owes the City of Plymouth $12,950.

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the written determination.