County News # 1Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel presented the biannual commissary report for July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

The beginning balance last July was $238,317.35 The report shows deposits of $726.00 the Coke machine; donations of $732.74; profits from Steller of $22,009.79; a refund of $226.16; $328 as a Sheriff’s Camp donation, Telemate $6,580.39 and $498.11 in uncategorized income.

Total disbursements for the same period in 2020 totaled $41,249.31.  Those expenditures were $2,484.40 in equipment; $13,750.28 for services and training; 13,567.63 for supplies and $11,447.00 for vehicle replacement.

The sheriff ended the year with $228,169.23 or a $10,148.31 less than he started the second half of the year with.

Sheriff Hassel said the $11,447 expense paid for a vehicle helped to replace one squad vehicle that was totaled in an accident this summer.

The county council approved his biannual commissary report along with the 2021 commissary budget presented on Monday.  This year’s budget includes $39,000 for supplies; $98,500 for services and $115,000 for equipment.  The total budget is $252.500.