2482 W Lake Ave_1Bob’s Automotive at 1520 Hoham Drive has relocated the business to 2482 Lake Avenue, on the curve immediately south and west of the hospital in Plymouth.

Tuesday evening the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals considered a variance request to install one 8×8 sign on the existing frame in front of the business and an 8×16 on the east end of the main building and an 8×16 sign on the south side of the pole building on the parcel.

The property is zoned suburban residential, although the property has always been a commercial business.

Local attorney Roy Roush represented the automotive repair business and said they were seeking a variance for the signage because in a residential zone you are limited on the size and number of signs permitted.

During the public hearing Plymouth Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds said the current sign that sits in front of the building is in the right-of-way for State Road 17 by 19 inches.

2482 W Lake Ave_2A neighbor immediately to the west, J.C. Daugherty said he has trouble exiting his driveway because of the sign out front and not being able to see on coming traffic.

The motion was made to approve the two new signs that will be erected on the sides of the building with lights.  The BZA ordered the sign in front of the building to be moved back toward the building 19 inches.   The BZA also limited the sign in front of the building to a 4X8 that will be erected on the upper portion of the frame so neighbors pulling out of their driveways will be able to see on-coming traffic.

The variance approval was unanimously approved.