Plymouth Community SchoolsBeginning Monday, February 8th the Indiana Department of Health will be making some changes to the contact tracing when a positive case is identified in our schools. When a positive case is identified in the classroom setting, if students and teachers wore their masks and remained at least 3 feet apart, then additional quarantines may not be necessary. However, in environments where students have removed their masks, such as during lunch time, athletics, etc, contact tracing will look similar to what has been utilized up to this point, including considering those who were within 6 feet of the positive case.
In regards to the quarantining procedures, the school corporations in Marshall County in consultation with the MCHD have determined that a 10 day quarantine protocol is an acceptable option when those students/staff can ensure they will wear a mask all day while at school. When that cannot be accomplished, then a 14 day protocol will be utilized. A 7-day quarantine option was also discussed; however, our schools and our local health officials have determined that it will not be utilized at this time.
All of the Marshall County schools would like to remind our parents of the following: If your child or a member of your household experience COVID-19 symptoms, then please keep your kids home from school until a cause for those symptoms is determined. All schools will continue to consult with the MCHD as it relates to options for testing for COVID-19.
All Marshall County school districts have been collaborating together throughout this past year along with our local Marshall County Health Department. This collaboration, combined with the amazing and dedicated school personnel, along with families who have been following new procedures this school year, have allowed us to safely have in-person learning available for Marshall County. We will continue to work with each other as we move forward with these new guidelines, while ensuring that we have the best environment possible for our students and staff.