City HallThe City of Plymouth will conduct their regular meetings Monday evening, February 8th starting at 6 p.m. with the Board of Public Works and Safety.  The Common Council will meet at 6:30. Both meetings are held in the second-floor meeting room of the City Building.  Entrance is through the Garro Street door.

Agenda for the Board of Public Works and Safety includes department reports from the various department heads, an update on the Historic Footbridge renovation project, a discussion with the city attorney on the unsafe building at 701 Lake Avenue that was demolished by the city and a request from Dustin’s Place.

The Common Council will consider appointments and again discuss the financial issue at the Aquatic Center.  The County will also consider a resolution for a Commercial Revitalization Rebate Grant for Roger Holston and an update on the Stellar Communities by the city attorney.

Those attending in person must wear a mask and social distance.