SJHSEffective Feb. 5, 2021, Saint Joseph Health System (SJHS) will update its visitor guidelines.
To provide the safest possible environment for our patients, visitors and staff, only one unique visitor will be permitted per day for patients who are NOT under investigation for COVID-19 or diagnosed with COVID-19. All visitors must meet the visitor qualifications listed below.

Visitor qualifications:
• Must be age 18 or older.
• Must wear an appropriate mask, which covers both the nose and mouth
• Must be free of symptoms of a respiratory infection
• Must pass COVID-19 screening procedures at a facility entrance during visitation hours
o Visitation hours are Monday – Friday 2-7 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-5 pm.
• Must wash hands and maintain appropriate social distancing
• Are not permitted to re-enter the facility once leaving the premises

For end-of-life situations of patients who are NOT under investigation for COVID-19 or diagnosed with COVID-19:
• Two (2) individual visitors may be allowed per patient.
o In consideration of the many unique situations that present themselves in healthcare, occasional exceptions to this policy will be considered through hospital executive review and approval.
In end-of-life situations that are COVID-related, visitors will be allowed to visit by video conferencing. Limited in-room visitation may be arranged with the care team.
In an effort to improve the safety for those requiring surgery, a medical procedure or just a wellness visit, Saint Joseph Health System has created COVID-free zones and requires screening for entry and masking at all times. These precautions are meant to allow patients to avoid delaying the care they need, as any delay in surgery or preventive treatment can have long-term consequences.