Recycle Depot_Logo11-10-17The Board of Directors for the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District convened for their second meeting of the year on Monday, February 1st.

During the Director’s Report, Marianne Peters presented some numbers for the annual report that will be submitted to IDEM.  A total of 2.7 tons of glass cullet, 36 tons of mixed paper, 41 tons of single stream aluminum, plastics and steel, 128 tons of baled fiber including cardboard and office paper, and 67 tons of electronic waste were diverted from landfills in 2020.  Peters said, “It’s really not that different from last year even though we lost a month last year due to COVID, but we can back pretty strong. While it seems like a lot of material the true value comes from the landfill diversion.”

The director said they anticipate being paid for the glass cullet but it will only be about $10 a ton.  While it’s not a lot of money, Peters said, “At least we don’t have to pay to get rid of it.”

Marshall County residents can stop by the Recycle Depot and put their recycling materials in the various specialized containers, remembering that if you are unsure, just leave it out on the driveway or ask one of the guys to help you.  Putting the wrong recycling material into a container can contaminate the whole load and cause the Recycle Depot to pay a fine.

In other business the Board of Directors approved a resolution that they typically do every other month.  This resolution moves money from the Solid Waste Management Fund also known as the savings account into the checking account or Non-Reverting Fund for operational expenses.  Peters, said the Non-Reverting Fund balance was at $21,094.80 as of January 30th and she was seeking approval to move $60,000 from the Solid Waste Management Fund.

The Board of Director unanimously approved the transfer.