716 North Plum_garageWhile the Marshall County Commissioners have been interested in acquiring the vacant building at 716 North Plum Street for the Building & Grounds Department, on Monday another option was brought to the table.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the commissioners Monday the county does not qualify for a MACOG environmental inspection of the property.

The commissioners signed an agreement to purchase the property for $39,500 with stipulations that local zoning would allow the county to work on equipment at the site and there were no environmental issues with the property.

On Monday Commissioner Kevin Overmyer suggested using the old Civil Defense building on King Road, next to the County Highway Department.  He said there is already heat and water at the building with concrete floors and restrooms.  The Plum Street property will need a new roof which is estimated at $25,000 and some kind of heat source.  Overmyer said he knew it wasn’t the ideal location but it has everything they would need.  The commissioner went on to say the Plum Street property will cost almost $40,000 plus the new roof and heat and who knows what else.

No action was taken on the suggestion.  The County Attorney will discuss the environmental concerns with the current property owner and see what their thoughts are on it.  It was noted that if an issue is found, they current property owners would be responsible to remedy the situation.