Jeanine Xaver 6-2017Jeanine Xaver, Clerk-Treasurer with the City of Plymouth has earned the Certified Public Funds Investment Manager (CPFIM) Certification from the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada (APT US&C).

The nationally recognized Certified Public Funds Investment Manager certification program is designed to provide treasury professionals with the confidence and knowledge to better manage investments on behalf of their municipalities.

To earn the CPFIM certification, individuals must participate in a six-hour certification training and successfully pass a 70-question exam on the following training objectives components: identifying and understanding investment options; how and where to buy investments; establishing internal controls and developing procedures; identifying and mitigating risk in the portfolio; quantifying and reporting safety measures; understanding liquidity needs and yield calculations; managing and forecasting investments; and, implementing and monitoring strategy.

The CPFIM is awarded to approximately 125 individuals annually. In order to maintain the certification, recipients must demonstrate continued investment training through a reapplication process every five years.

APT US&C is a national organization formed in 1967. It was founded to support public treasury managers, financial officers, and private sector representatives with quality treasury management education and training, professional certifications and peer networking opportunities to strengthen their commitment to public service.