stacey donatoFor nearly a year, local health departments have had to make many tough decisions, like putting limitations on gatherings and businesses, due to COVID-19.

Senator Stacey Denato said, “Regardless of how you might feel about our community’s local health orders during this pandemic, I believe many of us can agree that such major policies need clear oversight by elected officials who are directly accountable to voters. After all, health boards are appointed — not elected.”

The senator went on to say, “That is the idea behind Senate Bill 5, a bill I co-authored that would allow a person subject to a local health order issued during a state disaster emergency to appeal the matter to the local legislative body. This would help ensure that the leaders elected by local citizens have the final say on health orders that affect the whole community.”

SB 5 is not intended to be critical of any local health officials. Instead, this bill as an opportunity to improve government accountability.

Denato closed her comments saying, “I look forward to supporting SB 5 as it makes its way through the legislative process.”