milk bankOn February 3rd Culver Pediatrics Center will partner with The Milk Bank to become Indiana’s newest Donor Milk Express (DMX) site as well as Indiana’s 41st Milk Depot. The Milk Bank’s DMX program allows families of infants to purchase up to 40 ounces of pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) without a prescription, while a Milk Depot is a site where approved donor mothers can drop off frozen, surplus breast milk.

Quick access to PDHM allows parents of healthy newborns to supplement with human milk instead of formula, providing babies with a healthy start and parents with peace of mind. DMX is available to help bridge the gap between birth and establishing a successful breastfeeding routine.

The Milk Bank’s Executive Director, Freedom Kolb, “Dr. Noemi Adame has made an extraordinary commitment to maternal and child health by opening both a milk depot and donor milk express (DMX) site. Their leadership and partnership help to promote breastmilk donations to ensure that vulnerable babies across Indiana have access to
lifesaving medical interventions. Additionally, they are breaking down barriers to accessing donor milk whenever an infant is in need or a mothers’ supply is low or not available. The Milk Bank couldn’t be more excited to expand this meaningful public health collaboration.”

Culver Pediatrics Center founder, Noemi Adame, MD, FAAP, “We firmly believe that all babies should be fed human milk the first two years of life. When we support families to feed their babies breast milk successfully, everyone, including the babies, mothers, families, and the community reap the benefits. To fulfill this mission, we have partnered with The Milk Bank to be a donation and pick-up site for donor human breast milk. We are honored to provide this service to our community so medically fragile babies can receive human milk and mothers with a surplus of breastmilk can conveniently donate to The Milk Bank.”

In the absence of an infant’s own mother’s milk, pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) offers many of the same benefits, such as optimal nutrition, easy digestibility, and immunologic protection against organisms and diseases. The Milk Bank aims to encourage breastfeeding mothers and provide PDHM for any infant or child with medical necessity. Breast milk collected by The Milk Bank is transported to their facility in Indianapolis to be pasteurized and distributed to NICUs and outpatient families throughout the Midwest.

Culver Pediatrics Center is located at 16427 W 18th Rd, Culver, IN 46511. For more information, visit Parents interested in purchasing PDHM should visit to complete an order form. If families are interested in purchasing more than 40 ounces, they may consider becoming an outpatient.