Aquatic Center_pool with waterPlymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi was scheduled to discuss the Aquatics Center during Monday’s Common Council meeting.

He told the board, Councilmen Don Ecker and Robert Listenberger along with Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver are working to reschedule a meeting early next week.  The meeting had been postponed due to a COVID quarantine.

The City Clerk Treasurer was also on the council’s agenda to discuss the Aquatics Center and when called upon by Mayor Senter said, “If you want to wait for that discussion it’s fine.  I just think the public needs to understand what you are looking at and be able to voice their opinions in a public meeting.”

No further discussion ensued following her comments.

It has been stated by the city attorney that contingency money left over from the construction of the pool will run out in March and those funds have been used for daily operation costs.  The city is looking for a short-term solution to keep the facility operational while at the same time, they are looking for a long-term solution.

The city attorney and mayor have approached the Plymouth Park Department with a request to take over operations of the Aquatic Center.  The park board has not decided on their involvement although there is concern on the estimated monthly operation expenses of $15,000.