Jon VanVactor oath of office 2-27-21The Marshall County Republic Party conducted a caucus Wednesday evening at 5 to select a person to fill the District 3 seat on the County Council that had been filled by Jack Roose.  Roose resigned after the January meeting with two-years left in his term.

Three candidates: Jon VanVactor, Bruce Knapp and Mark Wickizer appeared before the seven precinct committeemen and women who would make the decision.

Each candidate was given five minutes to speak and party chairman David Holmes also gave the precinct people a chance to ask questions of the candidates.  Candidates spoke in the order they declaration was received.

Jon VanVactor said he had a passion for Marshall County and county government.  He also has 8 years of experience sitting on the county council.  Jon said he wants to keep Marshall County moving forward and is supportive of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation and extending Veterans Parkway to the west.  VanVactor vowed to do the best job he can for all citizens of Marshall County.

Bruce Knapp said he is a life-long resident of Marshall County and currently is a Center Township Advisory Board member.  He said working for the RV and mobile home industry for 18 year gave him additional experience with budgeting and his current position with Lowes offers him the opportunity to work with the public.  He said he was a good fit with his budgeting experience and would be a new voice on the council.

Last to speak was Mark Wickizer, a retired mechanical engineer who was a member of the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals for 7 years.  He said voters are looking for a change and he’s that….an outsider who thinks independently and is in debt to no one.  His many years at AM General gave him budgeting experience.  Wickizer operates a 25-acre farm and has served on the Polk Township Fire Department.  He is also a member of the Tyner IOOF.

When asked why he was running for the County Council seat he said he was asked to run by Bill Githens and Stan Klotz.  He also said he felt he could contribute to the county council noting how “miserable” the roads are.

Following the three candidates comments the seven precinct committee members adjourned to the back room for voting.

Following the first vote Jon VanVator was selected to fill the vacancy on the County Council with the majority of votes.