Peters Highway Superintendent of Year 2020Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters was surprised during a special meeting of the County Commissioners Monday morning.

Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer told those gathered that there is normally a state called commissioners conference in November or early December each year in Indianapolis but due to COVID-19 the event was cancelled.

Peters Highway Superintendent of Year 2020_1Kendal Culp, Commissioner from Jasper County and 2020 president of the Indiana Association of County Commissioners was introduced to present an award to the unsuspecting department head.  Culp went on to say, “It is my honor to announce that Jason Peters your county highway superintendent is the Indiana County Commissioner’s Association’s Outstanding Highway Supervisor of the Year.”

An application was made by former County Council members Penny Lukenbill and Jon VanVactor for the award.

Peters Highway Superintendent of Year 2020_3Highlighting a few of Jason Peters’ accomplishments Culp said, “Jason was promoted to superintendent in 2018.  Since being appointed to that position he’s reorganized the highway department to allow it to operate more efficiently.  A few of his accomplishments have been, he’s diligently worked with the County Commissioners and County Council here in Marshall County to improve communications and develop a road program that is fully funded.  During his 10-year as superintendent Jason hasn’t been afraid to research and use innovative methods to improve roads and maximize the impact of revenues.  He’s negotiated contracts with vendors to mill and pave some of your county roads here in the county using those millings and a process of using those millings to repair secondary roads at a fraction of the cost of what asphalt would cost.  Jason had developed an effective plan for the systematic replacement of county highway equipment including a paver, a chipper box and distributor truck and several dump trucks.  This new equipment is not only improved the quality of work at the highway department has been able to accomplish but also provided the employees with a since of pride in work they are doing with up-to-date equipment.”

Culp went on to mention that Highway Superintendent Peters cleaned and painted the office area and employee restrooms and locker rooms which was much needed and was a moral booster to the employees.  The Jasper County Commissioner closed his award presentation saying, “Jason’s dedication and enthusiasm and work ethic are very apparent in his leadership style.  He’s made a huge difference in the Marshall County Highway Department operations bringing a welcomed professionalism to the department and development and implementing a solid road program over the last three years.”

Peters Highway Superintendent of Year 2020_4Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said thanked Lukenbill and VanVactor for the narrative of the award and all the county highway department employees who attended the awards ceremony and said, “All your folks in the back there, all your employees, you guys can share in this.  You guys have bought in to what Jason is doing and we really appreciate it.”

Peters Highway Superintendent of Year 2020_2