NewsMembers of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission received updates on the six TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) Districts during their meeting last week.

In TIF #1 City Engineer Rick Gaul told members the Hoham Drive widening project from North Michigan Street to Western Avenue continues to move forward.  Acquisition of right-of-way is the next step.  Offers are currently being made.

Also in TIF #1 is the Pioneer Drive improvement project.  Gaul said this project is completed.  He is waiting on the final billing and said he anticipates the project coming in under budget.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the proposed extension of Veterans Parkway needs to be added to the list of projects in TIF #1.  He will be presenting a resolution next month for their consideration.  It will also have to go before the Plan Commission and City Council for approval prior to be added to the list.

In TIF #2 there had been a question of the lighting on the pedestrian bridge from River Park Square to the South Gateway.  Surrisi said the lights were installed by the apartments.

Also in TIF #2 was an update on Phase II of River Park Square.  The city attorney said the application to OCRA is anticipated to be submitted in April.  Bids for the project would be accepted later in August with construction to begin in the fall.

The Aquatic Center is in TIF #3.  The City Attorney told members of the Redevelopment Commission that the Mayor is having discussions with the City Council for some additional funding to keep the facility open until a long-term solution.  He said the landlords, Marshall County Health & Wellness is engaged in some ongoing litigation against Rick Miller over his operations contract.  There is a court hearing on February 16th.

There was nothing to report in TIF #4.

In TIF # 5 Surrisi said the Mayor has shared that Winona Building Products is leasing part of the space in the southern part of the building for warehousing.

In TIF #6 the city attorney said, “They are continuing to make good progress out at Centennial Crossings.” Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson said all the sanitary sewer has been installed and all the taps on the sewer have been completed and run outside the roadway.  All the main water-mains have been installed and all the taps have been completed and several have been installed with meters set on the completed buildings.