Community Corrections_logoMembers of the Marshall County Community Corrections board met for a zoom meeting on Thursday, January 21st at noon and Prosecutor Nelson Chipman called the meeting to order.

Ward Byers, Community Corrections Director presented the 2020 Statistical Report for approval.  He explained the method of referral as either direct commitment or probation violation. The report details the type of offense starting with A, B and C misdemeanors to felonies from level 6 to level 2s.   Looking at the misdemeanors there were a total of 52 direct commitment and 19 for probation violations.  The felonies had a total 190 direct commitments and 30 probation violations.

Community Correction clients are either electronic monitored or must do day reporting.  Sixteen were on day reporting while 96 used electronic monitoring.  The types of offenses the clients have been convicted from included 1 for explosives, 3 for both alcohol and weapons, 13 for public administration, 14 for public health 25 for other, 47 for person, 53 for property, 111 for motor vehicle and 142 for controlled substance.

The case load for Marshall County Community Corrections by age and gender showed females in day reporting at 7 and males at 9. Electronic monitoring was 101 females and 262 males.

Byers said they closed 262 cases in 2020 with 131 successful completions and 71 released to probation successful.  24 did not complete Community Correction, 4 were transferred to another community correction program, 2 transferred to another legal entity, 13 had technical violations, 2 absconded and were returned to custody.   The report showed 8 returned to jail, the Indiana Department of Corrections, the Community Transition Program or pre-trial.  4 received new charges, 1 had their sentence stayed and 2 died while on the program.

Members of the Marshall County Community Correction board unanimously approved the statistical report for submission to the state and county commissioners.