Shipping Containers a yard barn_1Marshall County Plan Director Ty Adley presented an ordinance amendment to the commissioners in December that would make the use of shipping containers as a storage unit a violation of the ordinance.  The commissioners had some concern and felt that additional clarification was needed for the amendment to move forward.

During the commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Commissioner President Kevin Overmyer said, “I have had more contact with people about this that never paid that much attention to storage container units sitting around on people’s property, but it has been a hot button.”

Adley said the recommendation from the previous commissioner meeting was to amend the ordinance amendment.  He said recent conversations indicate the need to deny the ordinance as it is now and send it back to the Plan Commission for additional revisions on how they would approve or allow shipping containers on properties within certain conditions and limitations.

The commissioners unanimously denied the ordinance amendment.

The Plymouth Plan Commission will meet Thursday, January 28th at 7:30 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

Adley said, “We will be bringing the amended decision of the Commissioners to deny the ordinance revision as a whole.  Once the Plan Commission confirms or denies the recommendation from the Commissioners, it will return back to the Commissioners at the end of February.”