Otis R. Bowen Book Jan2021A former board member of the Marshall County Historical Society, Shelia Reed is a Bremen resident and retired schoolteacher who has written a book about Otis R. Bowen.

Sheila is retired from Bremen Public Schools, where she taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grades for thirty-six years. Introducing students to history through the study of Indiana was the highlight of most days in her classroom. Taking 10-year-olds on overnight field trips to experience firsthand parts of that Indiana history became a favorite memory of hundreds of Bremen kids.

Shelia Reed Otis Bowen Book Jan2021Born, growing up, and living nearly all her life in Bremen, Sheila has deep roots in her hometown history. She tells Doc Bowen’s story in a way that fourth graders can relate to and take inspiration from.

Otis R. Bowen; From Farm Boy to Governor: A Life, is a 26-page biography of Indiana’s 44th governor and long-time Bremen physician.  The book is intended for elementary children, particularly fourth graders in their study of Indiana History. It is filled with beautiful color photos of Doc and his family over the years and covers his childhood, World War 2 service, and medical practice, as well as his political career.

The book is available from the Marshall County Historical Society for $8.  You can email sue@mchistoricalsociety.org or call the museum at 936-2306.

The book is also available by sending your name and address and a check for $10 for each copy to: Doc Bowen Book. PO Box 471, Bremen, IN 46506.  You can also purchase the book for a limited time at Woodie’s supermarket and Yoder’s Hardware as well as at the Bremen History Center (open Tuesdays 10-2). Or e-mail derek@tysto.com to make an electronic payment for immediate mailing.

Information provided by the Marshall County Museum and Historic Bremen.