City News PlymouthThe Plymouth Police Department handles Code Enforcement for the city and Assistant Police Chief Mark Owen is the one who handles code enforcement issues.

Code Enforcement handles tall grass, abandoned or junk vehicles, debris and junk on property, fowl and livestock issues and signs in the right-of-way.

In 2020 there were a total of 136 tall grass code enforcement issues with 120 being taken care of by owner compliance.  The city did have to mow 16 times.

Abandoned or junk vehicles are a concern every month with code enforcement.  In total there were 92 code enforcement issues with 85 being cleared by owner compliance.  The city towed 7 vehicles last year.

Debris and or junk on private property is another concern that Code Enforcement Asst. Chief Owen handles.  In 2020 there were 82 code enforcement issues with 66 being taken care of by owner compliance.  Sixteen times city action was needed to clean up the issue.

Another compliance issue on the report is fowl/livestock.   There was only 1 issue in June and it was cleared by owner compliance.

The final code enforcement issue on the annual report is listed as signs in the public right-of-way.   There a total of 77 signs removed by Plymouth code enforcement.