Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board held interviews with seven applicants for an open seat on the board. In December of 2020, former board member Todd Samuelson tendered his resignation after 24 years of service. The board then began seeking applicants who reside in West Township for the seat.

According to Superintendent Andy Hartley, the seven individuals interviewed had formally expressed interest.

The interview sessions were open to the public; however, due to COVID social distancing restrictions, they limited the number of in-person audience members. The entire interviews were accessible on both January 13th and January 14th to the public in an internet Zoom meeting.

Following the January 14th special meeting, board members Melissa Christiansen, Allison Shook, Larry Pinkerton, and Kurt Christiansen held an executive meeting.

Those interviewed included Chasity Keller, John Eiseman, Tom Flynn, Keri Kerris, Nichole Cristy, Cindi Andrews, and Larry Curtis.

Applicants were given an opportunity to introduce themselves and give reasons why they were seeking the seat. Each applicant was also asked to share their opinions concerning the strengths and needed areas of improvement within the PCSC schools, how they would potentially respond to questions from the public, and what they believe is the role of board members.

The board has scheduled a special meeting for January 20th to announce the candidate selected. Those who were interviewed were asked to attend the meeting when the announcement is made.

At this time, the meeting is scheduled for the Administration Board Room; however, a final location will be published once administrators have established if there is adequate space for social distancing.