County News # 1In December of 2018, the State Board of Accounts directed counties across Indiana to split their Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) funds equally between two funds, the regular MVH fund and a new restricted MVH fund.

Marshall County created the new MVH restricted fun in April 2019 and began splitting the funds received.  In 2020 a total of $3,994,437.78 was received and $1,997,218.89 was receipted into the MVH fund while $1,997,218.87 was receipted into the MVH Restricted fund.

Last year disbursement on construction, reconstruction and preservation projects at the highway department were $2,527,585.09 leaving the restricted MVH fund short $259,541.63.

County Auditor Julie Fox asked to County Council to transfer funds from the regular MVH to the restricted MVH to cover the shortage.

County Council members unanimously approved the transfer at their January 11th meeting.