City News PlymouthMembers of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety had planned to answer questions from a Comcast representative during their meeting Monday evening but no one from the company attended the meeting.  This is the second meeting in a row that they have failed to attend.

The issue with Comcast is a line was installed in the right-of-way on Dora Lane, but the contractor failed to install it in conduit which is now requested by the city.  The request to work in the right-of-way indicated the need for conduit but the project was not installed to city standards.  It was also noted that Comcast already had two additional lines in the right-of-way on Dora Lane although at least one is not operational.

Comcast was notified by the city engineer of the violation and did not seem to care about the issue.  They even indicated that they would put another line in in conduit but did not want to pull the line wrongly installed.

The city does have a $5,000 financial guarantee from Comcast and can hold it until the issue is fixed.

Councilman Jeff Houin said if they do not want to show up our position isn’t going to change.  He went on to say they did not comply with city requirements.

It was noted that the city was only asking them to remove the current line not installed in conduit and not the other two lines.

The Board of Public Works and Safety took no action but did say they will hold the financial guarantee until the issue is resolved.