County news # 2Newly elected County Council President, Tim Harman told councilmembers Monday he would like to get together with the Commissioner in a workshop or work session in the next month.  He said, “There’s a lot of us new folks here and we’d just kind of like to get on the same page, get up-to-speed talk about stuff that is going to be before the council for the county.”

When asked if councilmembers were interested in the idea Councilman Heath Thornton said he would be in favor of it. He noted the two new members who started this month and Steve Harper who was caucused to the council in December.

Councilman Jack Roose said, “With all due respect to you fellows who haven’t been around, we’ve (other members of the council) pretty much been attending meetings and up to speed.  It’s just going to take time to for you guys to get acclimated and get out and attend meetings that will be pertinent to what’s going on.”  Roose said he was not in favor of a work session.  He did say if there is an issue facing the county or large, unexpected expenditure that is when a work session would be appropriate.

Council President Tim Harman said, “I just like collaboration. I like talking about things and ideas.  I like to be open about it.  I like to be transparent about it.  It’s relationship building as well. It’s always productive just to get it on the table to discuss the matters before the county.”

Harman said this is something they, (Harman & Bohannon) campaigned about, collaborations and solutions.

Councilman Roose again encouraged the new members to attend the commission meetings and other meetings to catch-up on what is going on in the county.

No action on the suggestion was taken by the council.