On December 11th, Greg Compton retired from his position as Branch Manager at Key Bank in Plymouth.  While he retired he has a plan to keep him busy through May as he attempts to raise $260,000 for Riley Children’s Hospital.

Since 1924 Riley has touched thousands of children’s lives throughout the Midwest and beyond.  Compton say, “I live in northern Indiana and from by community along I have known many, many children and their families who have benefited tremendously by this amazing organization.”

Compton’s inspiration and desire to raise money for Riley is his father, Robert “Bob” Neal Compton.  In 1925 Greg’s father was born with severely deformed legs that were turned upward, had no functional ankles and club feet.  Compton said, “Prior to Riley Children’s Hospital the prognosis was bleak as even a wheelchair would have been a difficult solution.”  He said the miracle of Riley Children’s Hospital took place and his father many of the first years of his life in and out of Riley Hospital experiencing much care and frequent operations.

Greg Compton’s grandparents were poor farmers from Bourbon and took turns traveling to Indianapolis on weekends to spend time with their son.  His dad had nearly 20 operations that took place into his young adult life.  The result was he was able to walk and carry on a reasonably normal life including having a family and a career.  Greg said, “One of my father’s greatest delights was to know I was able to walk normally.”  In his adult life Greg Compton acquired the hobby of hiking.  He’s hiked many trails, climbed mountains and canyons.  His plan is to hike the length of Indiana as a tribute to his father (1925-1981) and to draw attention to this amazing hospital.

The objective of Greg Compton’s venture is to raise $260,000 for Riley Children’s Hospital.  He plans to be walking from the Indiana/Michigan state line to the Indiana/Kentucky state line in April and finish by May 1st.   He will make his goal by walking an average of 15 miles a day while encouraging individuals or groups to join him in different sections of his walk.

Currently Greg Compton is soliciting donations for each mile walked.  He is seeking donations from individuals, businesses and foundations throughout Indiana.  Compton is requesting donations for each mile walked to go toward his cause.  A $.10 cent donation per-mile would be a donation of $26 while a $1 donation would be $260 donation and a $10 donation per-mile would be a donation to Riley Children’s Hospital in the amount of $2,600.  He said 100% of every donation would go to Riley.

Greg Compton will be our guest on the “What’s Your Opinion Show” on Monday, January 18th about 9:45….