City Hall 10-10-19The City of Plymouth will conduct their first meetings of 2021 Monday evening beginning at 6 p.m. with the Board of Public Works and Safety.

Agenda for the meeting includes setting meeting dates and times for this year along with reports from department heads.  Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt will make his recommendation for this year’s fuel pricing and City Engineer Rick Gaul will discuss the Comcast issue on Dora Lane.

The Common Council meeting begins at 6:30 and will include setting meeting dates and times along with electing a Mayor Pro-Tempore.

The City Attorney, Sean Surrisi will open a discussion about the Aquatic Center.  At the December Park Board meeting Surrisi discussed a major shortage in funding for the pool and a lawsuit with Rick Miller.  The park board listened as the suggestion was made to have the park department handle operations and that the city would have to put more money in to the project.

The city meetings are open to the public on zoom or in person.  Those attending should enter through the Garro Street door and go to the second floor.  A mask is required and so is social distancing.  Please click the link below to join the webinar:           Passcode: 746841

The Common Council will conduct an Executive Session immediately following their regular meeting.  The purpose of the executive session is for negotiations with industrial or commercial prospects by a governing body of a political subdivision pursuant of Indiana Code.